Robert Snyder

Rob Snyder -Tech Team member

Position Title
Tech Team Member

Bee Informed Partnership
Department of Entomology and Nematology


Rob received his B.S. in biology from Delaware Valley College, PA. After graduation, he was an apiary inspector for 2 years at the Department of Agriculture in Pennsylvania and later focused on The Pennsylvania Native Bee Survey (PANBS). He then began working on coordinating kit construction and distribution for the APHIS National Honey Bee Survey and he also conduct many of these surveys. All of these experiences have led him to where he is today, working to assist beekeepers in maintaining genetically diverse colonies resistant to parasites while reducing the use of chemical treatments in colonies. This is made possible by the BIP Diagnostic Lab at the University of MD which uses hive samples to generate colony health reports provided to beekeepers so they can adjust their management as needed.